Integrated marketing, sales and customer service solutions for resort hotels


Provides expert high-tech solutions for the creation and development of a marketable and successful hotel product, marketing and sales for resort hotels.

Since the beginning of February 2020, we have been implementing proven integrated solutions for our partner hotels in different resort destinations under the new SHELLDOR brand. We have brought together several multidirectional companies, well-known to the professional hotel community in Russia and Ukraine, into a single effective team, combining their many years’ experience, well-established business processes and unique competencies:

KPORT Web Studio

Integrated digital marketing agency - from website development to actual lead generation.

The main team consists of specialists experienced in the main tools of modern DIGITAL marketing. Web Analytics Expert Department. One of the founders in the field of marketing of the post-Soviet digital space. Back in 2010, began to provide high-quality and transparent SMM support and reputation management services on the Web for hotels and restaurants.

The studio has implemented more than 200 integrated projects, 60% of them - for the tourism industry and HoReCa. 36 projects fulfilled in two or more languages; we have successful experience in serving the interests of our clients and partners in the markets of Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, Germany.


An integrated outsourced sales and marketing agency for resort hotels. Previously focused on the small destination “Eastern Crimea”.

Unique expertise in the packaging of hotel products and a sales and marketing systems in the B2C segment for resort hotels of various categories (without using any other distribution channels).

Effective booking department: in-house, automated, high-level process, equipped with all the necessary tools. This is not only a convenient operational interaction with various hotel services, but also planned indicators of occupancy rates and gross revenue to all (!!!) partner hotels.


A hotel consulting agency specializing in synchronizing of the marketing processes, sales and service communications in hotels of ***- category and higher.

The Agency is well-known in the Russian market for industry-specific marketing research, hotel marketing, sales and service audits, open marketing management educational projects for top hotel managers, and closed (internal) practical training on the independent use of various e-Marketing tools. We provide our services not only to private or independent hotels, but also to various international hotel operators, as well as Russian managing companies, professional associations and state tourism committees in various regions of the Russian Federation.


Decision on the upcoming merger of the respective companies and brands, existing teams and relevant competencies was made by the founders of SHELLDOR back in the fall of 2017 - and right now you are witnessing another round of its implementation :))

Oleg Ioffe
Oleg Ioffe

And also - the owner of the medical company “Tsentr Zdorov’ya” (Health Center) and the restaurant “Salute Cafe” in the resort town of Feodosia. He has 16 years’ experience in managing his own boarding house - that is, he is not just a person who perfectly understands the tasks and needs of the owners of resort hotels. Being in a similar status himself, he is also the author of the all-purpose technologies that have been tested and improved for a long time in his own business, long before offering successfully proven scalable solutions to partner hotels.

Born in 1981 in Feodosia.

By education – Economist/Marketing Specialist. In the family business - from the medical cooperative society “Zdorov’ye” (Health), opened by his father in 1987. Since 2004, he had been independently developing a year-round private boarding house with 29 rooms in the town of Feodosia. Since 2005 he had been attracting guests exclusively without intermediaries, only through the then available Internet marketing tools. In 2014 he opened a restaurant complex “Salute Cafe” (Both projects were closed in 2020-2021 to make the necessary expansion of the medical center possible). In 2012 he was recognized as the best young entrepreneur of Crimea in the “Small Business” nomination. Today, more than 120,000 patients are registered in the electronic database of the medical center.

Since 2011, with the help of various partners, he has been developing the latest trends in a) creating resort hotels “from scratch” together with the owner and b) integrated sales and marketing outsourcing for resort hotels.

Natalia Prachuk
Natalia Prachuk

Perhaps the most famous practicing expert on e-Marketing for resort hotels in Russia and Ukraine, a popular speaker and moderator of the top industry conferences and forums since 2012.

Born in 1980 in Alushta.

By education - practical psychologist, has worked for more than 7 years in the public health care system. Entered hotel e-marketing industry in 2008. During 5 years combined main job with the managing her own full-service web studio as a Marketing Director and Commercial Director in a hotel in-house, fully ensuring planned sales without intermediaries.

She is widely known not only as an effective auditor of sales and marketing in hotels, but also as the author and speaker of numerous seminars, master classes and long-term practical courses both in top-level marketing management for hotel Top Managers and in independent work with online and offline marketing tools for managers and employees of different hotel areas.

In 2008-2019 she is directly involved in the construction of internal marketing and direct sales processes in more than 160 hotels of different concepts (including Moscow, Kiev, St. Petersburg, Odessa, Kaliningrad and even in the EU countries). Since 2020 she specializes only in resort hotels, keeping herself quite busy in Crimea.


In total, our team, in 2020, consists of more than 20 employees of three existing legal entities, as well as dozens of long-term, trusted and reliable partners in various specialized business areas.


Current board of managers

From left to right and from top to bottom:
  • Svetlana Surova, Head of the Hotel Sales Automation Department,

  • Margarita Davidenko, Chief Accountant,

  • Natalia Prachuk, CEO, Co-founder, Co-owner,

  • Anna Danilenko, Head of the Content, SMM and Reputation Management Department,

  • Larisa Nalivaiko, Head of the Booking Department,

  • Evgenia Novitskaya, Partner Relations Manager,

  • Oleg Ioffe, Co-founder and Co-owner,

  • Polina Mikhailenko, Head of Web Analytics and SEM.

Products & Services

We use our own unique technologies (it took us more than 10 years of system work to develop, test, adjust and bring them up to date). 

Creation of a resort hotel
“from scratch” together with the owner
Outsourcing of sales and marketing
of a resort hotel (sales commission)
Portfolio investments in the creation
of a resort hotel with exclusive sales rights
Exclusive online representation
of a foreign resort hotel in Russia / CIS


We integrate organically and competently into the partner’s business model, providing quick and significant support. We have answers to most of the questions that sooner or later the owners have in the process of implementing hotel projects, we operate with rational economic justifications, we give clear guarantees for achieving the results agreed by all the parties in consideration.


We do not provide the following: just SEO, just contextual advertising, just SMM and other “just this one little thing”. But we know who does, and we can recommend it upon your request :))
  • Resort Hotel Development Strategy
  • Marketing plan and field supervision
  • Expert support for Top Managers and owners
  • Call center and sales automation
  • Marketing research
  • Audits, analytics, recommendations
  • Ready-made document templates with implementation instructions
  • Online Advertising Campaigns for resort hotels on a turnkey basis
  • Delivery and configuration of marketing and sales automation software



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